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T.K. Moffett, helped collect over 3 million dollars for clients that were injured as a result of an 18-Wheeler Accident.

The attorneys of Moffett Law Firm, P.L.L.C., represent people who were seriously injured in 18-wheeler wrecks and crashes involving other large, commercial trucks.

An 18-wheeler accident is different from a typical car accident in a number of ways.

  • More serious injuries: Because of their massive size, semi-tractor trailers are more likely to cause extremely serious injuries and fatalities.
  • Different regulations: Commercial trucks must comply with state and federal regulations that cover everything from the number of consecutive hours a driver can remain behind the wheel to the size of the load to the safety markings the truck must display.
  • More responsible parties: There are numerous possible sources of financial compensation in an 18-wheeler accident. The driver, the owner of the tractor, the manufacturer of the tire, the owner of the trailer, the shop that maintained the vehicle and the warehouse that loaded it may all share responsibility for damages.
  • Skilled opponents: The companies that insure 18-wheelers will have an investigator on the scene within hours of the accident, gathering evidence that will protect their interests. Who will be there to protect you?

Truck Accident Attorney

Our attorneys understand the state and federal regulations that affect trucking companies. Lawyers who do not understand these rules can miss opportunities that can benefit their clients.

We Know What to Look For and Where to Look

Evidence is priority, to obtain as much evidence as possible from the truck, the accident scene, and any witnesses, we will obtain the truck’s black box data recorder and examine the driver’s record and the truck’s maintenance record. When necessary, we will hire an accident expert to reconstruct the accident to determine what caused the wreck.


Attorney in Mississippi and Alabama, T.K. Moffett prides ourselves in achieving winning results. When you choose Moffett Law Firm, P.L.L.C., you can be assured that your lawyer is up to the task. We always work to settle legal problems out of court. When that is not possible, however, we do not shy away from a trial. We have the knowledge, strength and determination required to achieve positive results in challenging legal situations.

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